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a short ballet film featuring Ms. Paige Finlay

I made this short film to promote the amazing art and finesse that ballet dancers do. I also wanted to make a film that not a lot of people see in New York City everyday, which was a ballet dancer performing around the city.

Shot on a Sony a5000. Edited in Final Cut Pro

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Sinehan sa Konsulado - 2021.png


a short psychological, thriller about two experimental patients who find themselves isolated in a blank, white room of their own, trying to figure a way out

I directed, produced and wrote this short film, because I experienced emotional isolation, a few months back before I started writing on the script. I also wanted to raise awareness for mental health (mainly isolation and how it can affect one's mental health) because it is a big topic in today's society.


Shot on a Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera. Sound recorded with RØDE NTG3 and Zoom F4. Edited in Final Cut Pro, Davinci Resolve and Adobe Premiere Pro


For a Moment

Two friends share a brief moment in an apartment.


Starring Sofie Divall & Jackson Baker

Director of Photography: Mariam Salahvarzi

Shot on Sony a7S III. Currently a work in progress


A letter to my past self explaining the simplicities and beauties of childhood. It was also written for the future to reminisce the bygone days and rediscover the magnificence of life and death itself.

Narrated by Chloé Lexia Worthington
Music by John Violago


Footage is a collection of old clips from 2016-2019. Edited in Final Cut Pro

modern war

A micro short about people, of people, by the people, for the people. As the world goes to a halt, the battle for total righteousness lives on, now and forever.

Shot on a Sony a5000. Edited in Final Cut Pro

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